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Here at ChristGEO™

Here at ChristGEO™, you’ll find an entrepreneurial-spirited team of like-minded (yet surprising in our diversity) media professionals, technical experts and marketing gurus with a powerful passion for the Lord and an abiding obsession with every aspect of media content (from sermons to drama to music to tasteful comedy), platforms, production and broadcasting. We strive for morally-sound, uplifting programming which exemplifies and joyously promotes Christian ideals and solid family values. We love to discover and showcase Christian intellectual, artistic and ministerial talent and messaging. 


Best Of All

We are not stodgy or sanctimonious–our movies, shows, books and other media are appropriate for the widest possible audience of quality-minded folks, from the most devout among us to the most casual secularists in search of great education and dazzling entertainment. ChristGEO™ offers a wholesome change from what has unfortunately become the norm in our often troubled society. 


On The Social Front

ChristGEO™ brings Christians together with various family, couples, singles and children’s forums, groups and events. 


On The Business Front

We help Christian business enterprises and professionals to prosper through networking forums and panel discussions centered around common interests and important topics, as well as opportunities for advertising, promotion, public relations and publicity. 


Our Board Of Directors

Our Board Of Directors is comprised of five dedicated individuals who provide ChristGEO™ with knowledgeable oversight on all important matters of management administration, operations, finance, technology, marketing and strategy. 

Proper Credentials

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is composed of seven uniquely qualified individuals with very diverse credentials having social, business and religious insight into all significant matters concerning media and publishing content and quality assurance. Note: We are looking to expand this important body, so if you have interesting credentials and a desire to make ChristGEO™ even better, contact us today. We’re listening. 


Our Executives & Employees

Our executives and employees share and exemplify ChristGEO™’s core Christian and family values and work ethic. At this point we could say that our people are the brightest and the best, but we are far too modest.