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At ChristGEO, we are engaged in a never-ending search for quality media content which would be of interest to our many subscribers. Frankly, there can never be enough content to satisfy all of the tastes and interests of such a widely-diverse Christian audience. With this challenge to provide fascinating content comes a wonderful opportunity for some of our members who can truly rise to the occasion – the chance to host your own weekly radio or television program. 

If you have a genuine passion for a particular subject (from Christ to cooking… from Gospel to gaming… from new music to health and exercise…) and feel that you have the requisite talent (and the courage) to create and air your own original program, we would love to hear from you! As a Creative Contributor, you’ll be given four weekly 30-minute program slots per month and the instant ability to immediately access a truly tremendous audience. You’ll also be given comprehensive support and coaching from our ChristGEO Media Crew to insure that your show is the very best that it can be. It is, of course, also important to be certain that your presentation meets the quality standards appropriate to a Christian family-oriented home audience – but we’ll help you with that.

Depending upon your level of confidence, competence and commitment to being a host, ChristGEO can provide you with any one of several levels of support through several different program options:

Creative Contributor Program Option


Whether you are a hobbyist or a serious aspirant to media moguldom (which may or may not be a real word), there is a fast-track position for you at ChristGEO with your Creative Contributor subscription of $29.95 per month. Of course, we cannot guarantee that every host is going to rise to appreciable broadcast stardom – the best will always rise to the top of the ratings – but ChristGEO has prepared the ideal stage from which to launch your radio or television career. 

Let your own ability and ambition shine – give yourself, and a vast audience, the chance to truly connect and share information and inspiration of importance and value. The show format is up to you (with our Media Crew’s creative input, of course). Whether you are simply seeking a broad-based social forum to discuss your hobby or whether you are deadly serious about starting or growing a hosting career, let ChristGEO be your vehicle. 

The possibilities are limitless and the opportunity is truly one-of-a-kind. Again, not everyone will become a star, but every single one of our Creative Contributors will have a serious chance. Can you deliver quality content in an interesting format? If so, you have the chance, through ChristGEO’s multimedia machine, to have some real influence and to make a real difference in many lives… and you’ll have fun in the process. Let’s explore together!

Pilot Show Host Program Option


For the more advanced aspirant to the business of show hosting, the Pilot Show Host Program provides more direct and involved support of both your program’s content and presentation, as well as its promotion to the largest possible listening or viewing audience. At $79.95 per month, coaching is highly intensive with a strong focus on such subjects as branding, audience acquisition, audience retention, influencer support and obtaining advertisers, sponsors and endorsers. If you are looking toward a hosted program with ChristGEO as a career opportunity, this program option is recommended for you, provided that you are prepared to truly immerse yourself in every aspect of the production of your own unique show.

Professional Show Host Program Option


For the most dedicated, competent and committed show host aspirants, ChristGEO can (if you qualify) custom-create a comprehensive support structure for you – similar to a miniature modularized production company within ChristGEO, you’ll not only enjoy the complete benefits of all of the training and support associated with the Creative Contributor and Pilot Show Host program options, but you’ll receive such additional significant bonuses and benefits as owning all of the rights to your show (as a valuable intellectual property) and your brand, receiving 50% of the net advertising and sponsorship revenues generated by your show (which can become quite substantial, depending upon your consistent captive audience), and other financial advantages like royalties & subscription residuals. In support of your show and its success, Christ GEO will provide you with a state-of-the-art interactive website, full press and media support, social media influencer backing, and, of course, the on-demand attention of a specially assigned Production and Media Team selected for you from the ranks own Marketing and Media Experts. As this level of service requires customization for optimal effectiveness, pricing varies on a case-by-case basis. If you require this option and nothing less, contact us by completing this form to have an in-depth discussion and analysis of your broadcasting career objectives. If we have a good match, you’ll truly be working in partnership with us at ChristGEO. Get in touch to determine where we can go together!

Creative Contributor


Become A Gospel Spreader

It maybe a show to some, but to us we are changing lives. 

Creative Contributor Learner Video


To be a seed planter of Christianity is a great honor. To touch the lives of potentially tens of thousands is a blessing. Join our family of creative contributors and help us make a difference.

Grow with your new ChristGEO family


Join our great mission as we expand globally. Reaching an ever growing audience worldwide. Share the Love of the Lord in your own unique way. Spread the Gospel by our actions not just by our words.  

The building blocks of an amazing Christian movement. 


Expanding the Gospel in new creative ways. Showing non-Christians that being lovers of Christ provides a level of peace, joy and love like nothing else.

ChristGEO has an ever expanding audience around the world.

ChristGEO the leading creative Christian media company offers our fellow Christian brothers and sisters a stage to make a difference.

  • Start out with an entry level show
  • Progress through our broadcasting channels.
  • A platform to let your talent and love of Christ shine.
  • Pre-qualify yourself for a potential TV Show by showing us your talents.

Become A Creative Contributor Now

We Are Dedicated To Our Creative Contributors & To Christ.

Enhance your skills through our entry level platforms and work your way up through our broadcasting channels. Be coached by a professional team in all aspects of broadcasting and production.

Professional Skills 85%
Production Skills 92%
Verbal Communication 77%
Team Collaboration 88%
User Experience 78%