Relationships Built On The Rock

ChristGEO™, a Christian multimedia broadcasting production and publishing company creates relationships with many exciting  musicians, pastors, influencers, artists, writers, editors, illustrators, video production specialists, social event leaders, businesses and unique content providers from around the world.

Advertise With Us

We reach a vast domestic and international audience of individuals, couples, families and churches. Let our Market/Media Consulting Division spearhead a campaign to help you reach and capture your target market. Grow your customer and client base. Contact us now.

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Content Providers

If you have family-rated programming, a film or a screenplay, contact us today to discuss the exciting prospect of getting your work on the air or screened. If your work is not media-ready, let us help you to get it to a completed state and fully ready for showtime.  Contact us today. 

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Spread the Word, engage a substantially larger audience, encourage project participation and increase tithes for both your church and for special missions by broadcasting your sermons, lectures, performances, bible studies and other programming on ChristGEO™. Contact us today.

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If you like what we are about and what we are doing in this world, why not be a part of our worldwide growth (and earn a nice additional income while you’re at it)? If you have an internet presence as a website owner, power blogger or social media influencer. Contact us today.

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If you are an established or aspiring author of Christian books, poetry, inspirational or other relevant and appropriate literary content, you might want to publish or re-publish with us through our Electronic Publishing Division. Our terms and royalty payment schedules are both generous and flexible. Contact us today to see how we can work together. 

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If you are a performing artist and are seeking to reach a warm, willing and receptive audience, contact ChristGEO™ now to learn how we can offer you the best broadcast and interactive media exposure to showcase your talent and win you a large following, Let us pave the way for your commercial success. Contact Us Today

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Social Events

If you have an idea for the formation of a Christian or family-themed group or a hosted social or business event, consult with us today. We can provide you or your organization with free or inexpensive publicity and open access to a wider audience of prospective attendees and participants. Contact one of our social coordinators today.

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Business Groups

Bring your business or professional career to a higher level by participating in our co-sponsored business groups and special events. Our calendar offerings feature networking groups, roundtable forums, outings with multiple opportunities to meet customers, clients, employees and partners receptive to your skills, ideas and objectives. 

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