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ChristGEO™ strives to glorify the living God through becoming the world’s finest Christian multimedia, marketing and social enterprise, as well as to engage, educate and entertain an ever-expanding Christian and family audience with exceptional and praise worthy programming and publishing. 


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Our Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is composed of seven uniquely qualified individuals with very diverse credentials having social, business and religious insight into all significant matters concerning media and publishing content and quality assurance. Note: We are looking to expand this important body, so if you have interesting credentials and a desire to make ChristGEO™ even better, contact us today. We’re listening.


ChristGEO™ TV And Movies

Tune into one of our TV and on-demand movie packages for the very best in action video streaming. We feature a wonderfully diverse mix of secular and religious themes ranging from sermons and bible studies to drama and comedy. Add us to your television favorites for an amazing and energizing video experience.


ChristGEO™ Radio And Audio

Get the very finest in news, weather, sermons, scriptures, talk and great music. We feature multiple channels, each with a focus on the type of information, education and listening entertainment that you need and love. Supplement your satellite and internet radio listening with quality uplifting Christian programming from ChristGEO™.


ChristGEO™ E-Books/Family Book Club

As an e-book publisher, we have a diverse selection of topics and titles, both religious and non-religious. Browse through our bookstore shelves to find what you like. Reading sharpens the mind. Importantly, families who set aside time to read together tend to stay closer together. If you have young children, you’ll want to join our family Book Club, where we feature weekly selections for parents to read to their children.



ChristGEO™ Social Groups/Events

Step up your social life by joining our co-sponsored social groups and attending our special events with like-minded individuals, couples and families, who share values, goals, interests and aspirations with you. Let ChristGEO™ fill your calendar with things to look forward to every week of the year.


ChristGEO™ Expanding Into 167 Countries Around The World.

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We reach a vast domestic and international audience of individuals, couples, families and churches. Let our Market/Media Consulting Division spearhead a campaign to help you reach and capture your target market. Grow your customer and client base. Contact us now.

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I have been involved in the pre-development of the company. All I can say is what amazing team.

Samantha, Child Of God

I love what ChristGEO stands for and is trying to accomplish. What an amazing company and group of individuals. Wish you many years of success.

Stephen, Amazing for children

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"But Mommy, you didn't come to find me!" I can still remember the shaky little voice of my sweet five-year-old son, Matthew. My heart broke into tiny pieces right into the palm of his little hand. Years ago, when my son was little, we played a game every morning when I woke him up. I can vividly remember slipping into his

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Life seems to be settling down. I mean the whole word has been through the rockiest of roads this past year with some folks seeing more darker clouds than others. Do you think it’s finally time we put away the doom and gloom and start talking about a happier future? Now that the world is beginning to open it’s probably safe

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