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If you’re a social media influencer and you’d like to support ChristGEO, this program is a natural for you!

Are you truly social media savvy? Do you regularly engage with others on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other popular contemporary social media platforms? Perhaps you’re a blogger. Do you have a substantial number of followers? If you are an enthusiastic ChristGEO subscriber and would like to generate a serious continuous stream of income for just doing what you enjoy doing the most, then ChristGEO’s Affiliate Marketing Program was made for you!

All that’s really required is that you ethically use your influence through your social media channels to speak highly of the ChristGEO subscription opportunity. By recommending us (and showing your genuine love of Christ and ChristGEO) you’ll be motivating others to join us… and when they do subscribe, you’ll receive a payday…and those paydays (hopefully you’ll get lots of them) can accumulate to a rather tidy sum for you to use to pursue the things that you’d like, both material and, of course, spiritual. Importantly, your referral royalties (i.e., your income) keep on coming as long as the subscribers who you refer to ChristGEO remain on board. You may want to think of this as an opportunity to create a nice passive annuity for yourself while you are supporting Christian media and ChristGEO.


When You Enroll

When you enroll as an Affiliate Marketer, you’ll be given a unique line of code to embed in your links and ads (we’ll provide you with some tried-and-true banner and other ads, if you need them) so that we can track every new subscriber who comes through your referral portal. We accomplish this by using a harmless referencing site cookie which has a 60-day life, as many of the best affiliate marketing systems do. 

The process is fully automated and extremely simple. Every time someone referred through your hyperlink or ad joins ChristGEO, you’ll receive a royalty equal to10% of the amount of their subscription payment, during every month of their membership. Going one step further, if any of the subscribers directed by you chooses to become an Affiliate Marketer, you’ll receive an overriding royalty equal to 5% of the subscription revenues generated through their efforts for every month of that membership. You can monetize your social media relationships and reach of influence while you support your friends at ChristGEO – a truly optimal, all around win-win situation.

In order to get started, just click on “Become An Affiliate” and then accept our TOS (“Terms Of Service”). ChristGEO will then begin crediting your bank account with all of your royalties as they are earned. As soon as you’ve gotten settled in with us, you’ll be able to go to the comprehensive dashboard on your “Affiliate Account” to see all of your activity. You just need to register and select a unique password to establish and continually access your account.

If you have any questions about your Affiliate Marketer account at ChristGEO you can email at info@christgeo.com. In order to use our helpline you must have first become an Affiliate Marketer and accepted our TOS. But far more likely than not, you’ll find everything that you need right on your dashboard.

If you want to support your Christian brothers and sisters at ChristGEO and earn some money while you do it, get started today!

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ChristGEO has created a tremendous affiliate marketing system to earn our fellow brothers and sisters a substantial income through promoting our services.

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