Provide Broadcast Content To ChristGEO™2021-04-19T10:16:34-04:00

If you have family-rated programming, a film or a screenplay, contact us today to discuss the exciting prospect of getting your work on the air or screened. If your work is not media-ready, let us help you to get it to a completed state and fully ready for showtime. 

Publish With ChristGEO™2021-04-19T10:14:37-04:00

If you are an established or aspiring author of Christian books, poetry, inspirational or other relevant and appropriate literary content, you might want to publish or re-publish with us through our Electronic Publishing Division. Our terms and royalty payment schedules are both generous and flexible. Contact us today to see how we can work together. 

Grow Your Virtual Congregation With ChristGEO™2021-04-19T10:10:38-04:00

Spread the Word, engage a substantially larger audience, encourage project participation and increase tithes for both your church and for special missions by broadcasting your sermons, lectures, performances, bible studies and other programming on ChristGEO™. We will also set you up with a powerful, robust, SEO optimized and user-friendly interactive page on our website to promote and sell your CD’s, Literature, products and services locally and worldwide through cyberspace. Your Increased congregation (and your established membership) will be able to tithe and contribute with a one-step app. Contact us to learn more today. 

Do You Write Children’s Books? (Or Would You Like To?)2021-04-19T11:19:20-04:00

Children blossom when their parents read to them. And while not every children’s book can rival the classics written by the much-loved Dr. Seuss or the captivating and imaginative J.K Rowling, there can never be quite enough books to read to our children. Our growing Family Book Club is optimistic and ambitious enough to require many, many volumes, a great number of which are, as yet, unwritten or undiscovered. Let ChristGEO™ publish your great children’s work as an ebook. We offer a generous royalty payment plan as well as editing and proofreading services, all provided in-house. We’ll help you convert your passion to extra income. 

ChristGEO™ TV And Movies2021-04-19T10:05:55-04:00

Tune into one of our TV and on-demand movie packages for the very best in action video streaming. We feature a wonderfully diverse mix of secular and religious themes ranging from sermons and bible studies to drama and comedy. Add us to your television favorites for an amazing and energizing video experience.

ChristGEO™ E-Books/Family Book Club2021-04-19T10:03:25-04:00

As an e-book publisher, we have a diverse selection of topics and titles, both religious and non-religious. Browse through our bookstore shelves to find what you like. Reading sharpens the mind. Importantly, families who set aside time to read together tend to stay closer together. If you have young children, you’ll want to join our family Book Club, where we feature weekly selections for parents to read to their children.

Careers At ChristGEO™Careers At ChristGEO™2021-04-19T10:00:46-04:00

We are growing rapidly, are constantly searching for qualified and motivated individuals in all organizational areas, including sales and marketing, advertising and promotions, operations and programming, accounting and finance, creative design and media broadcasting. Tell us about yourself. If there’s a fit, let’s explore the opportunities together. 

Become A ChristGEO™ Affiliate Marketer2021-04-19T09:58:46-04:00

If you like what we are about and what we are doing in this world, why not be a part of our worldwide growth (and earn a nice additional income while you’re at it)? If you have an internet presence as a website owner, power blogger or social media influencer, place one of our banners, buttons or links on your site, or give us a thumbs-up review on your social media stream, and we’ll compensate you for all of the subscribership or other business referred or directed to us through your efforts. Click here for details about how you can participate in this opportunity to spread the Word, share the wealth and be a sponsor of something truly needed and worthwhile. ChristGEO™ wants you !

Become A ChristGEO™ Subscriber Today2021-04-19T09:57:07-04:00

Subscribe to one of our regular or charter packages for an exceptional and engaging entertainment, education, social and business experience. Our options are inexpensive and offer you the power to choose exactly what you want and how much you want. All media programming, reading materials, groups and events are Christian-themed and family-friendly…a refreshing and welcome departure from today’s limited and often troubling media, social and business choices. Let ChristGEO™ be your Inspiration Station™.

ChristGEO™ Radio And Audio2021-04-19T09:53:09-04:00

Get the very finest in news, weather, sermons, scriptures, talk and great music. We feature multiple channels, each with a focus on the type of information, education and listening entertainment that you need and love. Supplement your satellite and internet radio listening with quality uplifting Christian programming from ChristGEO™

We Discover2021-04-19T09:36:39-04:00

We discover, produce, manage and promote both new and established performing artists, scholars, pastors and other cutting-edge programming through our multiple media outlets; 

We Publish2021-04-19T09:34:16-04:00

We publish and market e-books, courses, sermons, and other vital Christian information in a variety of user-friendly formats;

We Produce2021-04-19T09:33:07-04:00

We produce great content and provide television and radio broadcast programming ( just like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, Sirius and others ) and interactive media platforms ( just like Zoom, Christian Mingle, Facebook and others );

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