3 Ways to Break Bad Habits

Have you ever heard of the saying “your habit defines you?”. This is correct especially because the habits you display when you are with people is what makes their impression about you positive or negative. As human persons, we need to be conscious of our habits in both our private and professional lives. What is

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In a marked shift from evolutionary patterns of the past, scientists now say that modern-day human evolution has come to a screeching halt. Yes you read it right, "If anything, we're regressing," said evolutionary biologist Frederick Von Boring, Ph.D. who recently reported, "We didn't really want to publicize this, because we didn't want to hurt

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Oh My God! What a Beautiful Day

When we wake up in the morning often time’s we do not pay attention to what is going on outside. We tend to think about what we must accomplish that day. Or we reach for that cup of coffee that gives us that boost to get us started. Sometimes the challenges we know we must

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Celebrating Memorial Day

Though Memorial Day is an annual holiday, it definitely feels like much longer since we had one that we could celebrate in our cultural fashion. With Memorial Day last year taking place during the height of quarantine and lockdowns, it was a Memorial Day in isolation—a more contemplative one. The long walk to social reintegration

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