3 Ways to Break Bad Habits

Have you ever heard of the saying “your habit defines you?”. This is correct especially because the habits you display when you are with people is what makes their impression about you positive or negative. As human persons, we need to be conscious of our habits in both our private and professional lives. What is

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Hopeful, Hungry Expectation

A new day has begun, the sun barely peeking it’s way through the horizon. I jump out of bed this time and warm a cup of coffee. It’s a weekend morning and my dog is already looking at me with hungry eyes--yes, hungry eyes for breakfast, of course, but also for adventure. My dog and

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Ten Things to Do In the Morning That Will Bring Hope

The Morning Rush| Ten Ways to Spruce up Your Morning Joy comes in the morning, they say. We draw that joy in our lives by what we do in the morning. The choice lies in your hands. Are you going to scoop that joy, or will you allow Yesterday’s worry and fears to steal that

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Joy Comes In The Morning

If you were to ask several people how they survived during the year 2020, you would get mixed answers. Many would quote The Tale of Two Cities, expressing “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”. Many would mention people they have lost. Others would mention the relationships they maintained, despite

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Should A Christian Be On Social Media?

It's amazing to see how social media has succeeded in connecting different cultures.  Someone even said it's the best invention since electricity. You can interact with your friends and family where ever you are. Social media has become a way for people to express their uniqueness. Ten years ago, social media wasn't a criterion to

When Losing Your Job Is A Good Thing

A while back, I lost my job as the result of some cuts that were being made at my company.  I was told that my job was being eliminated, however; I later found out that my co-worker who shared the same title as I held had not been let go.  I connected some dots, and

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There’s a conventional thought in the world of business which goes like this: “It's easy not to bribe. But it's not so easy to keep a business running at the same time!” To that end, some people will encourage you to bribe in order to grow your business, or advance your cause. They will advise

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When We Stress But God Says Relax

Picture this if you will.  A man, for all intents and purposes, we will call Roger wanders into the local drugstore. His wife is at home with their sick daughter and has sent him on an errand. She has a fever and a terrible earache. They don’t really want to pay for a doctor’s visit

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