A new day has begun, the sun barely peeking it’s way through the horizon. I jump out of bed this time and warm a cup of coffee. It’s a weekend morning and my dog is already looking at me with hungry eyes–yes, hungry eyes for breakfast, of course, but also for adventure.

My dog and I have been companions for many years and still, she doesn’t fail to expect not only food and rewards, but she greatly anticipates time spent adventuring, exploring, and sniffing the woods and trails on a morning hike. My one-and-only rover 100% believes I will deliver this gracious and most satisfying pleasure of the great outdoors. She remembers that on nearly the same day of every week, we go on a hike, and she’s very persistent to remind me of this habit if I slack on my typical departure time.

My dog is not only hopeful, but she trusts in faith that I’ll deliver a great 2 hours or more of aerobic exertion (mind you, I was not always so excited about voluntary body mobility, a.k.a, most forms of exercise maintenance prior to dog ownership). As a retriever, she’s a powerful breed with the ability to move intensely for hours. Retrievers were originally intended to find and return birds for hunters, so high energy exertion activities are a must to provide for her.

My dog has been a most incredible accountability partner to keep me agile, more than I could ever ask for. But the key in our relationship is how she holds absolute faith in me to provide for her every need, and she asks for it when I don’t deliver or am running late. My dog, of all creatures, believes in me. Like the trust a loyal canine companion has in its owner, so should our faith be in the Lord. “Ask, and ye shall receive” says the Lord, although it sounds more like,  “bark and wag” when it’s my dog asking something from me. Having faith in the work of Christ involves believing that our Heavenly father will provide the needs that we have just as He does the sparrows, and just as I do, with my precious pup.



Written By: Maria Tomassetti