With all the uncertainty going on in the world at this time, it’s important that we find joy in the little things – or the things we deem little. After all, God, too, is in the details. I have come to have a deep appreciation for the simple grace of waking up each morning with air in my lungs, able-bodied with a functioning mind, and everything I need to live a fulfilling life. If anything was learned over the past year with the pandemic, it’s that life can change for the worse at any moment, ready or not. And the people we have in our lives are to be cherished when times are favorable or not so favorable.

It may seem like an anomaly to some to know that God tends to work best in unfavorable conditions. I can attest to this in my own life, having to deal with loss, lack, and separation from loved ones simultaneously. The effects were devastating to say the least, but then that’s where the test of faith came in. I thought to myself, ‘We enter cars everyday and trust, using faith, that these cars were engineered by professionals to safely transport us to our destination; we ride the bus to work and have full confidence in a driver we never met and may never even speak to, yet we trust that he is competent enough to drop us off at our stop.’ That simple action takes a measure of faith because we are entrusting our lives to fallible people and things. How much more should this be our perception with an all-knowing God?

This is where life started to get sweet! Realizing that what may seem like a setback could actually be a setup for your comeback is invigorating! It’s similar to planting – you look at a seed that appears dead, dried, and out of it’s ideal environment for growth. But don’t let appearances fool you! That seed is a tree waiting to sprout and return even more fruit. That is the seed’s purpose. It’s present condition looked dismal and unfruitful, but under the right circumstances has unlimited potential.

People struggled to see this perspective I had come to embrace. Why should I live in fear and worry, when it’s all planned to work in my favor? There is a saying that some storms come into your life to clear your pathway. And this can be said with me. Since the pandemic, I actually began to thrive more than I had before. And I wasn’t stuck at my job doing something I hated; I was actually doing something I loved – writing. I went from dreading my 9-5 (or 12-10 on the night shift) to waking up every day, excited to complete the projects assigned to me. All this to say, there is always hope: the sun shines again after a dark night; the seed grows even after being buried, laughter comes after tears, and joy comes in the morning. The greatest thing about experiencing grace after a daunting trial is it’s contagious nature. It’s not meant to be held on to for selfish reasons. As you grow, everything around you seems to grow and blossom in its own way! Counter-intuitive as it sounds, that’s one of the joys of failing or going through some sort of hardship in life. It reminds us that there is hope. Not just individually, but for a turn around in the world despite all the mess we face on a daily basis. Without a reminder that we’re not perfect and need the guidance of a Creator who is, we would all be atheists. And if not that, the propensity to think of ourselves as gods would be attractive, even more than it already is.

In conclusion, I’ve learned not to fear life’s turbulent seasons because they will come. However, when you know who’s you are, you can rest assured that your tomorrow is already accounted for. And a good father never allows his children to suffer without swooping in to make things right again. Embrace the struggle, because even a seed’s roots must be stretched deep in the soil to hold firm as it matures and grows. Roots planted deeply will hold firmly against any uncertainty, no matter how hard the winds and rain of life beat against it.

By: Akil Dathorne