I am sure you are wondering what a ball has to do with God or being a Christian? Well, something I always like doing with new people I meet is telling them that you can find God in anyone, anything and any place at any time. They typically give me an eye roll, and I understand why. It is not a simple concept to comprehend for those that are not steeped in the Word of God.

I then ask them to give me a noun. Any noun. I then proceed to explain to them how you can find God in their noun and how it can relate to being a Christian. For today, I asked my fiancé for a noun and she provided the noun ball.

So let’s examine this ball.

A ball is something typically used in sports where you have teams and a goal to obtain. Now, you take that ball and no matter what sport it is that ball is typically going to take a beating over time. It will be thrown, kicked, hit, rolled and crushed. Over time, it may become weathered or deflated and at some point you will replace it with a new one.

A ball has a target. Whether it be to score by going into a physical goal like a basketball hoop, going through the uprights of a goalpost, into a soccer net or hitting a catcher’s mitt in the strike zone. These are a few examples. Sometimes we miss and sometimes we hit our target and reach the goal. The key is to continuously practice developing your talent of using the ball to hit the target so that the end goal can be obtained. Each person on the team will have a specific role based on their talents. When you hit your target and reach the goal it is not just you that gets a goal, but your team gets a goal as well.

Are you still with me here?

Now let’s examine how this relates.

Just like the ball, God uses his children and we are part of a team with a specific goal to obtain. Our team is Christians of all nations and the goal of Christians is to fulfill our commission of spreading the Gospel to all nations. As Christians will be persecuted and hated. However, we are made new creatures in Christ and through him all things are possible. When we give our life to Christ we become new.

Just like the ball, we have a target as Christians. Our target is to live like Christ. However, no matter how hard we try we will each fall short at. We will be Christ-like at times and other times fail. The key is to continually practice by studying the Word of God, praying, accepting Jesus Christ as the Risen Savior, Confessing our sins, repenting of our sin, and working to fulfil our commission. Just like a team, each Christian is given specific talents. We use those talents to glorify God and to do his will. Practicing in your faith will result in reaching your goal of eternal life in heaven. When one Christian reaches this goal all of Christianity has obtained a goal as well.
As you can see you can find several comparisons. While I could easily say there is a lot here to unpack and that there are several lessons in this. The main point here though is that we can find God in anyone, anything, any place at any time. We each just have to keep our eyes on God, our focus on Christ, and our ears open to hearing the holy spirit as it guides us.

Have a glorious and blessed day!!