Have you ever heard of the saying “your habit defines you?”. This is correct especially because the habits you display when you are with people is what makes their impression about you positive or negative. As human persons, we need to be conscious of our habits in both our private and professional lives.

What is a habit? To put it simply, a habit is something that we do regularly, that has been wired into our brain by repeatedly doing it until it becomes a part of the us. Habits take a top level of discipline to attain. Habits can be good; for instance, studying the Bible daily, getting to work by 7:30am every workday, or eating every day before 7:00pm. It can also be bad; for instance, procrastination, stealing, trivializing your healthcare, etc.

Habits develop over the years, whether good or bad. If you have bad habits that you need to quit, it is important not to seek short term solutions due to the devastating ripple effect that may result from it when you cannot keep up. Doing it the right way may seem daunting and impossible, but it gets easier each day until you begin to forget or loathe your bad habits.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your negative habits, the following steps would stir you in the right direction and if practiced well, would convert the negative habit to a positive one. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to what method you should use. You can use one or all tips and stick to what works best for you.

Tips to Eliminate Bad Habits

  • Mind the Company You Keep

Sometimes, breaking free from a negative habit has more to do with the company that we keep than it has to do with us. It may be difficult to create a bridge between your friends and yourself, irrespective of their negative influence on you. However, 1 Corinthians 15:33, New King James Version of the Holy Book reminds us, “Do not be deceived- Evil company corrupts good habits.” You may love your friends but sometimes, letting them go or creating some distance can give you the first step to quitting a bad habit that they influenced you into having.

  • Seek the Face of Your Creator

While it is great to call on God during good times, we should also call on him at our worst moment. He loves to help us when we are most vulnerable. When you are trying to break free from a bad habit, seek the face of God and ask for wisdom and direction. James 1:5 ESV, reminds us that God is willing to help us without holding back. The verse states that 5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him”.

  • Talk to a Friend/Counsellor

We all have that one friend who is gifted with wisdom to guide people through tough times. The saying “a problem shared is a problem half solved” is true when shared with the right person. You can confide in a good Christian friend about your personal struggles with certain bad habits. This could help a great deal because you have not just the person to confide in but one who would keep tabs on you to ensure that you do not deviate or slip back into your bad habits. Alternatively, you can seek the counsel of a counsellor who understands what you are dealing with and can help you through the journey to living a positive life.

These are only a few of over 20 methods that you can try. Remember that you can achieve your goal by taking baby steps. Do not rush into it to avoid overwhelming yourself. Remember to mind the company you keep, seek the face of God, and talk to a counsellor or friend to help you through the journey of quitting a bad habit.


Written By: Nancy Ugbor